Equestrian Art

Equestrian shows in Seville.

The Andalusian love affair with horses and the close, age-old relationship with this beautiful animal in our lands are well-known.

The Andalusian horse is a Spanish breed which originates in Andalusia. It is an Iberian Baroque horse, among the oldest breeds in the world. In Spain it is also commonly known as the “Spanish horse” and is officially called the “Pura Raza Española”, or Pure Spanish Horse, because the Andalusian is considered to be the archetypal Spanish horse, even though there are many other breeds in the country. However, in most countries it is called the “Andalusian horse”. The Carthusian Andalusian is one of the most important strains of this breed.

Throughout history, the Andalusian horse has played a fundamental role in the formation of European and American breeds.

Equestrian shows, which can be seen in Seville, are an extraordinary artistic expression halfway between dance and a horse-riding exhibition. The “dance” of the Andalusian horses delights visitors who marvel at the intimate relationship between rider and mount..