Bulls in Seville

The Maestranza: a temple of bullfighting.

Traditionally, the bullfighting season in the Real Maestranza Bullring begins on Easter Sunday and continues with the bullfights that celebrate the April Fair which, in recent years have numbered 16 to 18 shows. Bullfights are also held on Corpus Christi, on August 15, the feast day of the Virgen de los Reyes, the patron of the city, and during the last weekend of September, the San Miguel Fair, and on the 12th of October, the feast day of the Virgen del Pilar.

The Maestranza is one of the most important bullrings in the world. Being carried out shoulder-high through the Puerta del Príncipe, the Prince’s Gate, is the dream of novice and veteran bullfighters. Its prime site on the very banks of the Guadalquivir, just a short walk from the Cathedral, Giralda and Archive of the Indies, together with its monumental late-Baroque architecture, make it an unrivalled ring to enjoy this noble art.

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